kim-croppedI first became interested in Natural Therapies when a close family member contracted M.E. Over time, as the illness progressed, the traditional allopathic route provided little relief so I began to look at alternative routes to healing. I started to look at nutrition and its importance to the health of body & mind. I studied with Barbara Wren at the College of Natural Nutrition for 2 years and then fate led me to the Scenar device.

The Scenar device had just been introduced to the UK and I was drawn to it's pain relieving abilities. (M.E. sufferers usually find themselves in inordinate amounts of pain and require increasingly stronger pain-relief medication). Indeed, it was capable of promoting more than pain-relief; it also facilitated the body in it's own self-healing.

The Scenar precedes the Physiokey in neuro-stimulation devices. It was developed by the Russians initially for their Cosmonauts to self-heal during their missions. It was adopted by russian communities who used it for many of their health problems. It came to the UK and was promoted for its pain-relieving abilities.

I studied its uses and best practice over a number of years and helped many of my family and friends whilst still very busy flying around the world as a Cabin Service Director with British Airways! Sometimes my Scenar would collect a bit of dust but something kept pushing me back, urging me to use it.

I've more recently taken further trainings culminating in me gaining my Levels 1 & 2 in Classic Scenar Therapy and my Advanced Training in Scenar Expertise.

I decided to hang up my wings and devote my time to treating people with pain using Scenar therapy and my knowledge of nutrition. Over the years I have had some outstanding results and still use my Scenar devices but more recently I was introduced to the Physiokey and I've been astounded by the results I'm achieving.

I have since completed my Advanced Level Physiokey Specialist Training Course.

The Physiokey does everything the Scenar can do and more. I am finding that it is more rapid in its pain-relieving stimulation and feedback from my patients is very positive.

I will be offering Physiokey Therapy at Cowes Chiropractic Clinic from October 2016.