I was recently introduced to PainPod. Being a Natural Pain Relief Therapist I was quite intrigued as to how this little device would preform. I decided to try it out on my own shoulder. It occasionally aches from over use and I can be a little undisciplined when it comes to treating myself!

The device has two portals for inserting to leads, and hence, patches. I chose the pain relief icon and attached the pads to my shoulder. After 10 minutes I changed the setting to allow my shoulder muscles to be contracted and left it on for a further 5 minutes.

I was really pleased to find that my shoulder ache had improved significantly.


So, how does this compare to Physiokey?

The Physiokey is a very intelligent Biofeedback device. It reads signals from the brain via the skin and changes it’s output accordingly, thus pushing the body towards self healing and pain relief.

PainPod does not have this Biofeedback technology within it. However, its signals do interrupt the pain cycle within the body allowing the body to re-assess. It contracts the muscles and helps stimulate the blood flow to the area in order to bring healing.

I think the PainPod is an excellent personal device for helping with acute and chronic pain. For those on strong pain killing medication I would certainly recommend this device. Medication always has ‘side’ effects. These can be very detrimental to the body. The PainPod is non-invasive, like the Physiokey.

I will certainly be recommending it’s use to my patients for use between treatments.

My aim in treating people is to achieve good health and freedom from pain as quickly as possible. I believe the PainPod will be an excellent product that will help me to achieve these goals.

If you would like to know more about the PainPod, contact me on 07956 424 680


Island Pain Relief

Check out the PainPod for home pain relief

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Look Out For Us At The Winter Gardens In Ventnor!

Saturday 27th January

Yes, I’ll be showing my wares and providing free treatments, once again at this latest event:

So, if you have any aches and pains…that are accessible, let me help!

After the workshops, you can watch the viewing of the film ‘Embrace’. The film is about women accepting themselves for who they are, regardless of size and shape. Don’t miss it



Carefree Xmas Countdown at Ryde Castle

What a great day we had at Ryde Castle. You know, I have passed by so many times but never actually visited Ryde Castle. What a lovely setting!

The room we used was spacious and warm. There were a variety of different therapies being presented. I had a lovely table right in the middle of the room and proudly showed off my new banner courtesy of Martin at IW Design & Print.

I offered free treatments to many people on the day for various painful ailments. It was great to see their delight as the pain they were suffering was greatly relieved.

The big message for me was the importance of showing people the Physiokey device and how it feels and works.

I will be giving free treatments at the next event in Ryde Castle on 7th January 2018, 10.00 am until 4 pm.

Come see me and bring your ailments!





Patient suffering with huge amounts of pain being treated with Physiokey…



Meridians and Acupuncture Points

I just completed a course ‘Integrating Meridians Into Your Practice’ with Andy Jancewicz bsc (Hons), PGCHE, MRSS(T). What an enhancement to my practice!

It was an excellent and very informative course and will, indeed enhance my natural pain procedures. The Physiokey and Alpha-Stim work with body’s own energy systems.  Meridians are energy pathways or energy highways in the human body. Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) energy flows through this energy highway reaching all key areas. They can be mapped and points can often be experienced by the patient as ‘tender spots’.

The meridians are set out in pairs and each meridian has many acupuncture points along its pathway. It is treatment along these pathways along with many other protocols that help me to provide enhanced healing for the body.

Patients come to me with many different types of pain. Conditions both acute and chronic. Sometimes these pains are caused by blockages in the meridian pathways. One would naturally be drawn to treat the painful area but there is always the possibility that the pain is being caused by a blockage in the meridian elsewhere in the body.


I once had a patient who came to me with knee pain that was so bad she could hardly walk. After a few treatments on the area and also on general body areas, I progressed to treating an area on her shoulder. The pain disappeared almost immediately.

Being a Physiokey Therapist is like being a detective. I have to search for the causative problem in order to ‘release’ the pain.

Now I have a new and exciting tool to help alleviate the awful suffering of people in pain.




Suffering from shoulder Pain?


It seems so many people today suffer from shoulder pain. Could it be due to the fact that so many of us are hunched over computers all day?

Physiokey treatment for shoulder pain would include working on the painful areas of the shoulder. This would be preceded or followed by general protocols. General protocols are treatments on parts of the body like the spine (3 pathways), shoulders (Collar zone), stomach (Abdomen zone) etc.

I have been asked by patients why I work on these areas? The pain is in the shoulder, foot, leg etc. The reason we cover general zones is because we look at the body as a whole. The patient will visit for treatment with an acute injury, ie ankle sprain or, a chronic problem, ie back pain, shoulder pain.

With chronic complaints especially, the symptom is just that, a symptom. It’s a sign of malaise that he body is out of balance. The body does not recognise a  shoulder pain but an imbalance of the bodily systems. Hence, the whole body needs attention and assistance in rebalancing itself, and thus healing itself.

By addressing these general areas we are helping to ‘tune’ the systems of the body. The 3 Pathways protocol works on the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system and the Abdomen protocol works on the second brain: the gut.

The body will not readily get healthy without the main systems being assisted.

The Physiokey treats the whole body as well as local areas to promote healing.

So, really, it’s not as odd as it might at first seem when I start to treat your back, even though you might visit with shoulder pain!


Pain Killers For Ever?

Do you find you require ever stronger painkillers to treat your pain? This seems to be the pattern developing. So what can you do to alleviate your suffering?


I come across people daily who are suffering from acute and chronic pain. They take their pain killers but find they are having little effect as the body becomes used to them. If you’re like my Mother, you too are beginning to despair. The longer you continue to take your medication, the less effective it becomes. Your doctor then gives you a different/stronger pain killer. And so it goes on.

So many people are regularly taking morphine or using morphine patches. MORPHINE! That’s the drug they use for cancer patients, or so I thought. Not any more.

It’s a sad fact that these medications have ‘side’ effects. You only have to read the precautions. I just call them effects. They may help with the pain but what else happening to the body?

The ‘side’ effects of drugs has always been a concern of mine. For many years I have been using alternative therapies. I try to address any illnesses within my immediate family by using natural therapies as much as I am able. However, I also watch my elderly relatives following their doctors’ orders. They take handfuls of pills daily, one to combat the effects of the others. Their pain killers become less effective and more often than not they suffer in silence.

I worry about this concoction of drugs. I worry about their suffering.

There is hope. We have the Physiokey.