"Having tripped and badly sprained my ankle, ending up on crutches, in a significant amount of pain and needing to get back on my feet as quickly as possible to look after my three small children, the lovely Kim came to my rescue. Despite being initially cynical, after a few short sessions of Physiokey therapy, the swelling was reduced, bruising had come out and my ankle was feeling a whole lot better, allowing me to get back on the school run (well, walk). If suffering from pain, that little else seems to touch, I would recommend talking to Kim and trying this out for yourself".
Tracy, Niton

"A friend recommended Kim to me ,as she knew I had been in severe pain in one of my knees..After just a few treatments I could feel the difference..And now I have been pain free for almost 2years..I am able to go on long hikes again . Before having treatment I could hardly walk far..I can recommend it. As far as I'm concerned Kim is a miracle worker".
Cherry, Luccombe

"I first visited Kim for treatment on a shoulder injury which I sustained a year ago. I originally had 3 treatments to my shoulder which eased the pain considerably. However, I had to do some heavy lifting at work and got a further sharp pain. I returned for 3 more treatments and, so far, have not had a recurrence of any pain. I would certainly recommend the treatment to anybody who is in a lot of pain".
Mark, Ventnor

“I have known Kim for several years, she is totally dedicated to helping her clients with their pain relief. I had arthritis in my right knee and received several Scenar treatments for this which somewhat relieved the acute discomfort until my total knee replacement in February. Kim is always caring and compassionate in her approach and it is a joy to be in her healing presence”.
Carolyn, Niton